E-Commerce about Jewelry

About the Project

Jewelry is inseparable from a woman’s life. Most women assume that jewelry can support their appearance, it is proven, that woman who wear simple fashion can be more interesting when they use certain accessories that become accent of their apperance. If you usually have to go to a jewelry store and choose the jewelry you want. Now there is a new breakthrough in Jewelry sales field, That various types of jewelry you can choose easily in your web browser.

Whizliz is a jewelry company that entrusted Smooets to develop e-commerce that can be accessed through a web browser. Whilziz e-commerce able to answer customer needs who want to be easy and efficient, especially in terms of time and energy. Whizliz focuses on various types of diamonds and gold that are innovative and exclusive designs and packed at prices that is affordable for middle class. Probably some people doubt for the authenticity of products that are sold online on e – commerce, you do not need to worry because Whizliz guarantee for authenticity of each product. All products are designed and manufactured by international standards. Whizliz provides Fast purchasing process, private delivery service for every purchase over IDR 25 million, Money back guarantee for 14 days. In addition, whizliz provides voucher facility for 10 million transactions in 30 days, this is certainly profitable for whizliz’s loyal customers.

What's on?

Category: E-Commerce
Technology: PHP
Supported: Desktop & Mobile
Mobile Apps: IOS & Android
URL: https://whizliz.com