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Some people think that full-time work is too rigid because we have to be tied under work time, company regulations, contracts of employment, traffic, and so on that makes some people prefer to work part-time or known as freelancers that are considered more flexible in terms of time and place, it is not tied to targets that are set by the company and most importantly is potentially earning more.

The survey results state that every month the number of freelancers in Indonesia can reach 1 million people. This proves that the work as a freelancer is in demand the people of Indonesia work that began to be cultivated by freelancers namely, journalism, book publishing, publishing journals, and forms of writing, editors, editors-print, printers, indexing, copywriting, computer programmers and graphic design, consultants and translators.

Nowadays job information for freelancers can be easier because it can be accessed online, there are many websites that provide work for the freelancers, one of which is Temploy.

Temploy allows you to get a part-time job, where you can control your work time, work location, and salary you want to receive. It was first introduced in Singapore in May 2014 with a total of about 1,500 users with a 2: 1 ratio between job seekers and job providers and is already operating in countries such as Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hungary and Indonesia.

Technology on Temploy

Technology that is used to develop Temploy Web Application is Laravel 4.2, Angular V 1. Running di Ubuntu OS, Apache2 Webserver, My SQL database. Frontend development used  HTML, CSS, JQuery

Feature on Temploy

Temploy has been packed with several advantages, such as:

  1. The employee can match the job base on their own schedule, location and personal skill.
  2. Fee can be determined by employee
  3. Clocking system that enables employee to clock in and clock out by using barcode which is provided on system.
  4. Temploy has demo’s feature, so the new user has guidance about how to use Temploy.

Business Opportunity

We aware some of the big vendors who are already playing in this business, and they cover all areas. Conscious of the wide and large number of freelancers who register and most freelance seekers prefer to find workers with the same time zone and language, then here is Temploy to shrink the scope of the area where the Southeast Asian section can be more visible.

Temploy is considered to be competing with some similar existing websites. This is evidenced by the number of users Temploy has reached 1500 in the period of 4 months.

We’ve seen that a lot of freelance marketplaces try to differentiate on features and treatment. They have a large selection of freelancers of all qualities and all budgets. As you know though, you pay for what you get. This opportunity should be utilized preferably by the providers of job services for freelance to continue to develop their own features for the better. So we must be very careful while picking up the vendor to hire freelance and to be a worker.

Which one do you prefer to use?

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Category: Job Seeker
Technology: PHP, Laravel
Supported: Desktop & Mobile
Mobile Apps: IOS & Android
URL: https://temploy.com